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Cambridge Guards, Bite Appliances

Protect Your Teeth from Damage

Sports injuries or nighttime grinding (bruxism) can cause severe damage to your teeth. Keep them safe with custom-made guards and appliances that are designed to fit your mouth

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Sports Guards

Your teeth are vulnerable to damage from impact or falling (or getting tackled) while you’re playing sports. Sports guards absorb the impact and protect your teeth and gums from being injured. Our custom-made guards fit comfortably and won't slip or interfere with your speech – or your game.

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Bite Appliances

Nighttime teeth grinding can slowly wear down your teeth, leading to complications such as chronic jaw pain, crooked or misaligned teeth, TMJ disorder, or tooth loss. Our custom-designed bite appliances keep your jaws from moving while you sleep so you don't clench or grind your teeth. The appliances are designed to fit the contours of your mouth so they're comfortable and won't interfere with your sleep


Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t play a contact sport. Should I still wear a sports guard?

Yes, you should wear a guard when you take part in any sport where there is a risk of impact or falling.

A properly designed guard will fit comfortably without interfering with your speech or breathing. You shouldn’t have to bite down on the guard to hold it in place. A custom-made guard is designed to fit your mouth perfectly to offer the best protection.

Replace your guard after two or three seasons or after a major impact or fall.

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