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About Our Practice

Welcome to Dentistry on Jamieson

We take pride in our family-oriented approach to dental health care. Our office is an oasis of care designed to make you and your family feel at home during your appointment. You’ll notice the difference you step through the door.

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Your insurance coverage is between you and your insurance company. Please note that you are responsible for your treatment costs. This includes any costs not covered by your insurance.

Payment Policy

We offer direct billing to your insurance any amount not covered by your insurance is due at the time of treatment. If you need to make payment arrangements, please speak to a member of our front desk team before your appointment.

Payment Options


Dental Technology

Digital X-rays use less radiation than film X-rays, producing high-definition images that can be zoomed and shared. They’re a valuable tool for diagnosis and treatment.

Panoramic X-rays

The panoramic digital X-ray system takes a single full-width image of your entire mouth and jaws. We can use this image to assist in treatments such as dental implant placement or orthodontics.

Intraoral Camera

Cephalometric X-rays are similar to panoramic X-rays, but instead of taking a full-width image, they take an image of your profile from the side. These images allow us to see the tissues above the gumline and are a valuable diagnostic tool.

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